In this episode of Unchained, Laura does a detailed unpacking of the historic Sam Bankman-Fried trial and verdict with defense lawyer Sam Enzer and former Southern District of New York prosecutor Rich Cooper. They discuss what a thorough job the government did in presenting its case, whether the government will pursue a second trial on campaign finance charges, why it takes so long for sentencing to occur, what the differences between this case and the Bernie Madoff case are, and what Bankman-Fried’s likely sentence will be.


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Show highlights:

  • how the cross-examination of SBF showed to the jury that he was unreliable, according to Rich
  • why the charge conference with the jury is important to the prosecution for “protecting the record”
  • why the closing argument of the prosecutors was so effective
  • what “conscious avoidance” is and how the prosecutors tried to prove that SBF was guilty of that
  • why SBF’s tweet last November that  “FTX is fine” was the hardest part of the trial for the defense, according to Enzer
  • why Enzer wasn’t surprised by how quickly the jury made its decision
  • what SBF’s strongest argument is for an appeal
  • why Enzer “hopes” that there won’t be a second trial against SBF and whether he will plead guilty to the additional charges
  • why the sentencing occurs so many months after the verdict
  • how this case is similar, but also different, from the Bernie Madoff case
  • how many years SBF could spend in prison, according to Enzer and Cooper
  • when cooperating witnesses such as Caroline Ellison, Nishad Singh, and Gary Wang are likely to get sentenced


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Episode Transcript