Last week, OpenSea, the former frontrunner in the NFT marketplace, confirmed the layoff of half its workforce as the NFT markets seemed to bottom out.


gmoney, NFT collector and founder of 9dcc, joins Unchained to provide insight into the once-dominant NFT marketplace’s fall from grace. He talks about the competitive dynamics that challenge the platform’s market share and whether a token launch could help. In addition, gmoney delves into why the NFT market has been “abysmal,” what could potentially catalyze its revival, and how he thinks creator royalties will evolve.


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Show highlights:

  • whether OpenSea ‘rested on their laurels’ after becoming the market leader
  • whether the fact that its competitor Blur launched a token was a reason for OpenSea’s fall
  • whether OpenSea not immediately following other platforms such as Blur in making creator royalties optional led to some of its decline
  • how gmoney wants to incentivize people to pay creator royalties
  • why the NFT market has gone down and what gmoney’s thesis for NFTs is
  • what catalysts could cause the next NFT bull run, according to gmoney
  • how NFTs make it possible for certain groups to access new forms of credit
  • whether Ethereum can be displaced from its leadership position in the NFT market
  • what gmoney thinks could revive OpenSea’s prospects
  • Whether Blur’s model is to blame for the decline in the NFT market
  • how gmoney thinks Blur should act to retain its market dominance

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  • gmoney, NFT collector and founder of 9dcc
Episode Transcript