Where industry insiders chop it up about the latest in crypto

Every week, these four early-stage investors get together and give the industry insider’s perspective on the crypto topics of the day.

Hosted by Tom Schmidt, DeFi maven and master of memes; Robert Lesher, crypto connoisseur and captain of Compound; Tarun Chitra, giga-brain and grand poobah at Gauntlet; and Haseeb Qureshi, head hypeman at Dragonfly.


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Where industry insiders chop it up about the latest in crypto

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The Role of Media in Crypto, Blockworks Op-Ed, and Apps vs. Infrastructure

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Meet Your Hosts

Every week these four early-stage investors get together and give the industry insider’s perspective on the crypto topics of the day.

Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner at Dragonfly

Haseeb is Managing Partner at Dragonfly and is a longtime technology-focused crypto investor. Haseeb was previously a General Partner at Metastable Capital (now acquired by Dragonfly) where he led early investments into Avalanche, NEAR Protocol, Algorand, and Starkware. Prior, Haseeb founded a stablecoin startup, was a blockchain engineer at Earn.com (acquired by Coinbase), an anti-fraud engineer at Airbnb, and was previously a top 10 globally ranked professional poker player. He is widely recognized for his technical expertise in crypto.

Robert Leshner, founder of Compound
Robert Leshner
CEO & Co-founder of Superstate

Robert is the CEO & Co-founder of Superstate, founder of Compound Labs, and an investor at Robot Ventures.

Tom Schmidt
Partner at Dragonfly

Tom is a General Partner at Dragonfly, an early stage crypto venture fund. Prior to Dragonfly, Tom led Product at 0x, helping grow it into one of the largest decentralized exchange protocols on Ethereum, and was a Product Manager at Instagram. Tom studied Computer Science at Stanford, where he first became interested in cryptocurrency after writing a thesis paper on potential regulatory paths for Bitcoin.

Tarun Chitra
Co-founder of Gauntlet and Managing Partner at Robot Ventures

Tarun Chitra is Founder and CEO of Gauntlet, a simulation platform for crypto networks to help developers understand how decisions about security, governance, and consensus mechanisms are likely to affect network activity and asset value. His research in DeFi includes the first peer-reviewed papers proving the economic security properties of Uniswap and Compound. Previously, he worked in high frequency trading for Vatic Labs and was a scientific programmer at D. E. Shaw Research.

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Feb 16, 2023

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Feb 15, 2023

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