Day seven of Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial saw the defense team unable to discredit Caroline Ellison, despite multiple attempts. The defense’s questions often seemed aimless, failing to draw any substantial conclusions. Ellison remained steadfast, revealing that SBF had plans to buy Telegram around the time Alameda “borrowed” $14 billion of FTX customer money.

Defense attorney Mark Cohen tried to portray Ellison as the one in charge of Alameda, but she clarified that SBF was the ultimate decision-maker. Ellison also disclosed that she had considered resigning from Alameda but was persuaded by SBF to stay, emphasizing his control over the firm.

The day continued with testimony from Christian Drappi, a former Alameda employee, who corroborated Ellison’s account. Zac Prince, founder of the bankrupt crypto lending firm BlockFi, briefly took the stand, setting the stage for his testimony to continue the next day.

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