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Laura ShinFounder and CEO

Laura is a crypto journalist, host of the Unchained podcast, and author of “The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, Lies, and the Making of the First Big Cryptocurrency Craze” (PublicAffairs, 2022)...

Formerly a senior editor at Forbes, she was the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full-time, and her podcasts and videos have had 20 million downloads and views. Shin has spoken about cryptocurrency at places such as TEDx San Francisco, the International Monetary Fund, Singularity University and the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Read more about her at laurashin.com.

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Juan Aranovich – Managing Editor

Juan is an economist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s very passionate about the ethos of crypto and decentralization, and he has his own newsletter...

Previously in TradFi and consulting, he now helps run Unchained operations and is a researcher for Ryze Labs. Find him on Twitter.

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Nelson Wang – Executive Editor

Nelson is a crypto journalist who was previously CoinDesk’s U.S. News Editor for the East Coast. He has also worked as an editor at DL News and has served as the technology stocks editor at TheStreet, as well as the business and personal finance editor for Yahoo.com. He holds BTC and ETH.


Matt Pilchard – Unchained AV engineer

Eternally curious and creative media, UI/UX, Analytics web solutions developer who works with process and operations to design, create and support solutions that produce impact and value...

Passionate about decentralized blockchain technologies and the future of DeFi.

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Sam Sriram – Reporter

Sam is a crypto journalist based in Sydney. She has a Masters in Finance and Business Analytics, and is interested in blockchain technology adoption across various sectors.


Sage D. Young – Reporter

Sage is a crypto journalist at Unchained. He cares for the Solarpunk Movement and is a graduate from Claremont McKenna College, who dual-majored in Economics and Philosophy with a Sequence in Data Science. He owns a few NFTs, gold and silver, as well as BTC, ETH, LINK, AAVE, stETH, PEOPLE, DOGE, PEPE, MOG and BONK.

Pam Majumdar – Editor

Pam is a Los Angeles-based crypto and fitness enthusiast.


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