Day 6 of the SBF trial was marked by emotional testimony from Caroline Ellison, who shed tears as she detailed the financial chaos within Alameda and FTX. She also recounted dramatic incidents such as an alleged bribe by Alameda to a Chinese government official, creating accounts using the IDs of Thai prostitutes, and an attempt to raise money by selling FTX shares to a Saudi prince.

Ellison discussed the financial turmoil that began with the crypto market crash and how it led to desperate actions, allegedly directed by SBF. She revealed the manipulation of balance sheets, the use of FTX customer funds for risky investments, and the ethical compromises made to keep Alameda afloat.

The day also delved into the secretive culture within Alameda and FTX, highlighting the use of disappearing messages on Signal for sensitive discussions, and what was really happening behind the scenes as FTX began to implode.

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