The second week of Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial is underway, bringing emotional testimony from SBF’s ex-girlfriend and former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, along with some surprising stories about alleged bribes to Chinese officials and discussion about reaching out to the Saudi Crown Prince for help. Ari Redbord, Global Head of Policy at TRM Labs, discusses why the question of who was actually in charge is so critical to the case, the defense’s strategy to discredit Caroline Ellison, and why sidebars in the courtroom can get so heated.


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Show highlights:

  • Why Caroline Ellison is a critical witness on a “number of levels,” according to Ari
  • What a software developer at FTX revealed about whether SBF was directing trades
  • Why a lawyer’s body language is something the jury looks out for
  • Why there have been so many sidebars in the trial and why they can sometimes get heated
  • The reason why the lawyers, particularly the defense team, have been so repetitive with their questions
  • Considering the long prison sentence SBF is facing, why Ari “doesn’t understand” SBF’s decision to push forward with the trial
  • Whether, after three days of testimonies, Ellison has come out as a credible witness for the jury
  • Why the defense is facing an “uphill fight” and whether testimony from SBF would serve as a final Hail Mary for them


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