Samson Enzer, partner at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, and Greg Strong, partner at DLX Law, dissect the second week of the criminal trial of Sam Bankman-Fried. At this point, the prosecution’s star witness, former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, has testified, as well as another prominent insider, co-founder Gary Wang. Both Enzer and Strong believe that it’s already over for the defense, but agree that the only thing that could turn it around is testimony from SBF himself—but that runs the risk of the defendant significantly increasing his sentence.

Find out how they thought the more salacious details of Ellison’s testimony, concerning alleged bribes to Chinese government officials, would affect the jury, and why Enzer believes introducing that testimony may have been risky for the government.


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Show highlights:

  • Whether the prosecution gave the defense any fodder for its failed entrepreneur theory
  • How SBF and Ellison’s romantic relationship could affect the jury’s deliberations
  • The jury’s reaction to Ellison saying SBF’s belief was that “don’t lie, don’t steal” didn’t fit into his philosophy of utilitarianism
  • Why the defense didn’t object to the mention of alleged bribes to Chinese government officials the first time
  • Why the defense attorney complained about photos shown of SBF and his hair
  • How the jury might react to the testimony involving alleged Chinese government bribes, Thai prostitutes, and Saudi prince
  • How Ellison crying in her testimony could affect the jury
  • Why the defense didn’t ask Ellison about not hedging
  • Why the cross-examination of Gary Wang was limited in its success for the defense
  • What caused a moment of tension between Zac Prince and the defense
  • Why Greg and Sam think SBF shouldn’t testify, but believe it’s his only, very risky, chance
  • If convicted, how many years do they think SBF’s prison sentence will be?


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