Educator Anita Posch has spent months on the ground in Africa onboarding new users into the world of Bitcoin. In the West, bitcoin may seem extraneous; but in her telling, bitcoin in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other African countries is essential. “Bitcoin can be one of the solutions for people who are disempowered, who are outlawed, the misfits,” says Posch. “Bitcoin is for them because no one can take it away from you.”


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Show highlights:

  • what Anita does for Bitcoin education and why she was inspired to do this
  • how people in developing countries are constantly getting scammed
  • how the Central Bank of Zimbabwe acts as an intermediary in business operations
  • whether people in these countries use BTC or stablecoins for their day to day expenses
  • what the differences are between the several Bitcoin communities around the world
  • how in Zimbabwe people could get arrested for transacting in Bitcoin
  • why Bitcoin is essential to human rights, according to Anita
  • whether Bitcoin can help to tackle the issue of discrimination against women, particularly in finance
  • why Anita is “very sad” about the launch of Worldcoin
  • why she was against Bitcoin Ordinals in the first place and whether she has changed her mind
  • what Anita’s new Bitcoin learning program aims to accomplish

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