A major player has entered the stablecoin wars. PayPal went deeper down the crypto rabbithole this week with the launch of its Ethereum-based PYUSD. The dollar-backed stablecoin now puts PayPal in competition with the likes of Tether and Circle for quickly sending value around the world on-chain. José Fernández da Ponte, PayPal’s crypto SVP, joins the show to unpack how the fintech giant is building a long-term strategy around blockchain-based payments.

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Show highlights:

  • why PayPal decided to launch a stablecoin
  • how long it will take for stablecoins to reach mainstream adoption and what the advantages of stablecoins are
  • how PYUSD will differentiate from other giants in the stablecoin space such as USDT and USDC
  • whether the U.S. stablecoin bill influenced the launch of PYUSD
  • why stablecoins should be regulated at the state level
  • whether PayPal plans to launch stablecoins pegged to other fiat currencies
  • how Paxos will provide attestation reports for PYUSD
  • why Jose thinks gaming is a huge opportunity for stablecoin payments
  • what the rationale was for launching an ERC-20 on Ethereum
  • how PayPal plans to monetize the stablecoin
  • why PayPal’s expectations for PYUSD in the short-term are “moderate”


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