Ordinal theory has unleashed a new wave of NFTs, memecoins and innovation on Bitcoin — but not without controversy. Bitcoin educator Dan Held and Bitcoin Frontier Fund Managing Partner Trevor Owens join the show to discuss the breakneck rise of BRC-20s and why they’re both bullish on what memecoins mean for the original blockchain.


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Show highlights:

  • what ordinal theory is and how it enabled Bitcoin “NFTs”
  • how the Ordinals Protocol differs from the ERC-721 token standard used by many Ethereum NFTs
  • how BRC-20s work by relying on some off-chain mechanisms
  • why Bitcoin is not a “dinosaur chain,” according to Dan
  • why Trevor says BRC-20 memecoins are superior to those on Ethereum
  • what the practical utilities of BRC-20s are, if any
  • why transaction fees in Bitcoin rose so much and why it’s healthy for the network
  • whether innovation is coming back to Bitcoin
  • whether Satoshi Nakamoto would have approved of Bitcoin NFTs
  • the role of speculation in fueling bitcoin adoption
  • the current and future state of layer 2s on Bitcoin
  • why Dan says BRC-20s “absolutely” solve the problem with Bitcoin’s security budget
  • why it’s hard to determine an “appropriate” amount for the security budget of Bitcoin
  • how the NFT market could be shaped after the rise of Ordinals and BRC-20s
  • what needs to be developed so that BRC-20s can flourish


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  • Dan Held, Bitcoin educator and marketing advisor at Trust Machines
  • Trevor Owens, managing partner at Bitcoin Frontier Fund

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