Lawyer Brian Klein joins the show to explain why Sam Bankman-Fried being locked up makes it “much tougher” for his legal team. This week, the judge presiding over the case said SBF went too far in attempting to intimidate key witnesses – chief among them former Alameda Research co-CEO (and ex-flame) Caroline Ellison. Will a jail cell change SBF’s defiant tune ahead of a hotly anticipated October trial date? Klein weighs in.

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Show highlights:

  • why the detention of SBF changes the dynamics of the trial preparation
  • why Brian believes that the appeal to the detention won’t prevail
  • whether these new conditions will lead to a request for a delay of the trial
  • whether the fact that SBF is now in jail will make him more interested in a plea deal
  • why both the prosecution and the defense have filed motions to limit allowable evidence and what that means for the trial
  • what the short-term future of the trial looks like
  • how long a trial like this would take to play out

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