CoinFund’s Jake Brukhman and Chris Perkins join Unchained to dissect their recent $158 million seed round and the transformation of the investment landscape following the 2022 crypto carnage.  As backers of Worldcoin, they confront criticisms about the project’s approach of distributing money to individuals who may not fully comprehend the underlying technology.  They also delve into why the Coinbase lawsuit could potentially boost the industry, share their perspectives on current crypto legislation, and explore the intersection of AI and crypto.

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Show highlights:

  • how the fundraising crypto environment changed this past year after the 2022 carnage
  • what the impact of FTX’s alleged fraud has been
  • why Chris and Jake believe that the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase is bullish for the industry
  • why Jake believes there’s no massive consumer application in web3 yet
  • how institutions have been building during the bear market
  • whether Worldcoin solves the sybil resistance problem in crypto and whether it could become more decentralized than Bitcoin
  • Jake’s response to the criticism surrounding the centralization and privacy issues in Worldcoin
  • the ethical implications of giving free money to people who may not fully understand how their biometric data is being used
  • what the Composite Ether Staking Rate (CESR) is and what are its two main applications
  • how the foundational web3 + AI intersection is happening in the compute area
  • why Chris believes that the crypto market structure bill is not perfect
  • whether creating proper stablecoin legislation is a very important opportunity for the US
  • how DeFi should be regulated to ensure that privacy gets protected


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