Ari Redbord, head of legal and government affairs at TRM Labs, discusses all the charges that Sam Bankman-Fried is facing and their potential outcomes. 

Show highlights:

  • the charges against SBF and why the criminal indictment is the most important
  • whether SBF testifying in Congress would have complicated the DOJ’s criminal case against him
  • why it is complicated to state how much prison time Sam is facing
  • the ways in which Bankman-Fried can reduce his sentence by cooperating with authorities
  • why it’s so unprecedented that the indictment came only one month after the collapse of FTX
  • whether other senior FTX executives are providing prosecutors with information to reduce their charges
  • the reasons why SBF is being held in The Bahamas and the likelihood of him being extradited
  • how much the case will be delayed if SBF’s lawyers fight the extradition
  • Ari’s thoughts on whether this case will go to trial

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