From “hush money” allegations to a prospective FTX relaunch, it’s been a crazy week for those following the legal saga of Sam Bankman-Fried’s collapsed crypto empire. Perhaps few are following it more closely than 507 Capital founder Thomas Braziel, who specializes in the trading of bankruptcy claims. He explains the significance of a spate of recent headlines and shares newsworthy tidbits from his meeting with new FTX honcho John J. Ray III.

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Show highlights:

  • what the Daniel Friedberg lawsuit revealed about the whistleblowers of FTX
  • how FTX used allegedly false claims in its Series C funding round
  • whether Friedberg’s former law firm, Fenwick & West, will suffer legal consequences
  • how John Ray is prosecuting the allegedly fraudulent transactions made by FTX
  • what stood out to Thomas in his personal dealings with John Ray
  • what the timeline is for filing a reorganization plan for FTX
  • what the odds are of an FTX 2.0 relaunch, according to Thomas
  • why Thomas says that FTT won’t play a role in the potential FTX recovery
  • whether the decision to redact the identities of FTX customers was right

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