Amidst a wide-ranging crackdown on all kinds of crypto players, Representative Tom Emmer talks about recent enforcement actions, the classification of cryptocurrencies as securities or commodities, the potential impact of US regulatory actions on the country’s global economic power, and the Federal Reserve’s upcoming payment system. He touches on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the crypto industry and the role of government in fostering these developments.

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Show highlights:

  • why Rep. Emmer thinks there’s an operation to cut crypto off from the banking system
  • how, as he puts it, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been ‘dancing on the grave’ of the recent banking failures
  • how the interest in crypto in Congress has changed over time, especially after the Infrastructure bill in 2021
  • whether the CFTC lawsuit against Binance represents an “appropriate” use of enforcement actions
  • why Rep. Emmer says that bureaucrats are trying to polarize blockchain technology
  • how the US’s attitudes toward crypto could affect the country’s global power
  • why he is against FedNow, the new Federal Reserve’s payment system

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Congressman and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer


Operation Choke Point 2.0:


Enforcement actions

  • Coverage of Unchained Podcast on the recent regulatory crackdown: