In this episode, Austin Campbell, a professor at Columbia Business School, discusses the recent allegations made by the CFTC against Binance, and whether or not criminal charges will be brought against company officers such as CEO Changpeng Zhao, or CZ, or former Chief Compliance Officer Samuel Lim. He also sheds light on how this case could shape which agency will have regulatory authority over crypto assets.

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Show highlights:

  • what the CFTC’s allegations against Binance are
  • whether Binance and its employees will face criminal charges
  • what the two most likely scenarios for Binance are, according to Austin
  • how regulators got so many details and so much information from CZ’s phone
  • whether CZ is personally liable and whether the US could extradite him
  • how the CFTC used the complaint to state that BTC, LTC, ETH, and some stablecoins are commodities
  • Why Austin believes Coinbase would be the “single biggest winner” if Binance US is shut down
  • how this case is going to help determine which agency has jurisdiction to regulate crypto assets


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Austin Campbell, professor at Columbia Business School and Managing Partner at Zero Knowledge Consulting


CFTC vs. Binance