House Representative Tom Emmer, of Minnesota, is one of the most active voice for crypto and blockchain in the US government. In this episode, he discusses:

  • what book made Tom fall down the crypto rabbit hole 
  • why Tom believes the Financial Accounting Standards Board needs to set clear accounting standards for cryptocurrencies
  • why the current way of accounting for Bitcoin on balance sheets may be a detriment to companies in the future
  • how he feels about the acting head of the OCC putting together a “sprint team” of federal regulators to establish overarching crypto standards
  • why he is fighting to change tax rules for forked coins
  • what problems the Eliminate Barriers to Innovation Act might solve
  • why he is so passionate about the Securities Clarity Act, which would explicitly separate digital tokens from securities
  • how DeFi should be regulated and why he is not a fan of FATF’s recently proposed guidance
  • Tom’s prediction for when these bills may actually become law 

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