How can decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) be more resilient? Gabriel Shapiro, general counsel at Delphi Labs, and Fatemeh Fannizadeh, lawyer and researcher, survey the landscape and offer their insights on what will fuel the next wave of DAO innovation. Are new rules from U.S. states like Wyoming and Utah a boon for DAO creation? Or will the proceedings against Ooki DAO by U.S. regulators cast a pall on this emerging segment of the Web3 world?

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Show highlights:

  • how Gabriel and Fatemeh determine whether something is actually a DAO
  • the pressing legal issues around DAO formation
  • where the liabilities lie in these types of organizations
  • Delphi Labs’ new “borg” concept and the problems it aims to solve
  • what jurisdictions are more appropriate for different DAOs
  • the nuances of Wyoming’s DAO LLC law
  • Utah’s Introduction of LLDs – limited liability DAOs – and why it is innovative
  • why the CFTC filed a lawsuit against Ooki DAO
  • whether governance token holders are liable for the DAO’s actions
  • how the Ooki lawsuit will impact how DAOs structure their activities in the future
  • what happened in the MakerDAO case and its implications
  • why Fatemeh and Gabriel disagree on whether the Mango DAO’s agreement to not pursue actions against Avi Eisenberg was legally binding

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