Brian Quintenz, head of policy for a16z crypto, and Nic Carter, general partner at Castle Island Ventures, talk about Operation Choke Point 2.0, the relationship between the government and the crypto industry, the status of different tokens as securities or commodities, and potential future developments in the space.


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Show highlights:

  • what the original Operation Choke Point was like
  • the “evidence” that shows that Operation Choke Point 2.0 against crypto is real, according to Nic
  • how hard it is for crypto companies to get banked in the U.S.
  • whether crypto had anything to do with the current banking crisis
  • whether agencies such as the CFTC and the SEC are performing coordinated action against the industry
  • how the collapse of FTX changed the approach of banking regulators toward crypto
  • whether the U.S. needs to change its regulatory approach to maintain its status as a global leader
  • whether crypto is a threat to the U.S. dollar and the financial system
  • how Tether has benefited from the recent regulatory events
  • why Brian says that the SEC has already demonstrated that BTC and – also ETH — are not securities

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