Zaki Manian, cofounder of Sommelier Protocol and cofounder of Iqlusion and Jack Zampolin, founder of Strangelove Ventures, discuss everything about Cosmos, the new white paper, and how to improve MEV capture for ATOM holders.

 Show highlights:

  • how Jack and Zaki got involved with crypto and Cosmos
  • what the Sommelier protocol is, the role of Iqlusion, and what Strange Love does
  • the basics of Cosmos and application-specific blockchains (ASB)
  • why would a project choose to be an ASB rather than an application on a blockchain
  • whether Cosmos can achieve network effects
  • the reasons behind launching a new white paper for Cosmos
  • why the team decided to pursue interchain security
  • whether there would be an increase in fees with so many chains relying on the Cosmos Hub for security
  • how much economic value the Cosmos Hub will end up securing if the proposal gets passed
  • how the Cosmos Treasury could be used to fund development
  • the role of the Interchain Scheduler to capture MEV
  • whether centralized exchanges are going to start trading against the customers
  • the new issuance model proposed for ATOM
  • the role of an active governance community to make Cosmos more decentralized
  • what problems Liquid staking solves
  • how USDC will launch on a consumer chain


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