Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at Coin Center, comes to talk about the SEC probe into Yuga Labs, how to determine whether something is a security, and Coin Center’s lawsuit against the US Treasury over the sanctions on Tornado Cash. 

Show highlights:

  • whether there’s an over-reliance on the Howey Test and how a token being non-fungible doesn’t mean it’s not a security
  • what constitutes an investment contract and how it works in the Metaverse
  • the consequences for NFT holders and issuers if the NFTs are considered securities
  • why Coin Center is suing the US Treasury over the Tornado Cash sanctions
  • Who the plaintiffs are
  • whether this lawsuit differs from the one Coinbase is supporting
  • how to solve the issue of bad actors like North Korea using tools such as Tornado Cash to launder money
  • the remedy Coin Center is looking for in the lawsuit against the Treasury 
  • how long the lawsuit could take to be resolved

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SEC probe into Yuga Labs

Coin Center lawsuit over Tornado Cash sanctions