Kristin Smith, Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, comes to talk about Tornado Cash, the lawsuit against Ooki DAO, the SEC charges against Kim Kardashian, and crypto legislation. 

Show highlights:

  • whether regulators did not understand the implications of sanctioning smart contracts
  • the necessity of having a conversation around financial privacy
  • whether the government wants sanctions compliance at the base layer
  • the reasons behind the CFTC lawsuit against Ooki DAO 
  • why the SEC settled charges with Kim Kardashian and whether it was a publicity stunt
  • the chances of the different crypto bills becoming law
  • why Kristin thinks stablecoin legislation won’t come this year
  • whether the CFTC being the main regulator of crypto settles the question of crypto being securities or commodities

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The lawsuit against Ooki DAO

  • A federal court ruled that the CFTC legally served Ooki DAO through a website help bot.
  • The LeXpunK Army filed a motion for amicus status in the SEC case against bZx/Ooki DAO.
  • Crypto group DeFi Education Fund argued that the CFTC should properly serve Ooki DAO’s actual members, not just the DAO at large.


Tornado Cash


SEC charges against Kim Kardashian