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After some big wins for the crypto industry (and big losses for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), Jason Gottlieb, partner at Morrison Cohen, delves into how the upcoming US elections could reshape the SEC’s crypto agenda, the political pressures influencing SEC decisions, and the potential impact that a new SEC chair could have.

Gottlieb provides insights into ongoing court battles involving major crypto firms like Coinbase and explores the broader political implications of the Democrats’ recent outreach to the crypto industry.

Show highlights:

  • The outlook for the SEC’s efforts after the seeming sea change from the Democrats
  • Whether the SEC’s agenda has changed, after the sudden reversal on ETH ETFs
  • Whether the SEC is being pressured politically and whether that will influence its actions between now and the presidential election
  • How the ongoing legal crypto cases are affected by the SEC’s change of tune
  • What the implications of a new SEC chair would be on court cases winding slowly through the courts
  • How the SEC’s credibility was damaged by the Debt Box case
  • Why Jason thinks Democrats are in an “uncomfortable position” but also believes there’s a lot of common ground with the Republicans with regard to crypto

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  • Jason Gottlieb, partner at Morrison Cohen
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Political turn and ongoing cases:

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