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With ETH spot ETFs now more likely than ever, Bits + Bips hosts James Seyffart, Alex Kruger, and Joe McCann delve into the reasons behind this shift, surmising that the reversal may have come from powers above the SEC—perhaps in the Biden administration.

The three hosts surmise that ETH will likely reach all-time highs, discuss how this changes their election trading strategy and ponder where there is enough institutional demand for ether ETFs. They also look at whether the potential approval could sway the US elections.

Plus, they share insights into stablecoins and how they strengthen the US’s political power globally, dive into the debate on low float/high FDV coins, and also take a peek at what they think could be the potential next crypto spot ETF.

Show highlights:

  • Why the chances of an ETH ETF suddenly reversed
  • What the “Coinbase premium” is and how Joe uses it for trading
  • Why Alex believes that ETH is heading to all-time highs
  • Whether there’s institutional demand for spot ether ETFs
  • The political pressure that led to this change
  • Whether the ETH ETF will change the course of the US elections
  • The broader macroeconomics conditions and how Alex thinks to trade the US elections
  • How US dollar-pegged stablecoins promote USD hegemony
  • The debate about high FDV, low float coins, and whether there is a solution
  • Whether new crypto spot ETFs will be approved



Ether ETF approval:

High FDV, low float coins: