It got heated this week on Capitol Hill with SEC Chair Gary Gensler testifying before the House Financial Services Committee on his agency’s efforts to rein in the U.S. crypto industry. Jason Gottlieb, partner at Morrison Cohen, unpacks what was said and whether we’ll continue to see more crackdowns from the U.S. securities regulator.

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Show highlights:

  • Whether ETH is a security and what would be the impact if it was declared as such by the SEC
  • Whether the SEC is harming investors
  • What the potential impacts of the SEC lawsuit against Bittrex are
  • Why the case against crypto exchange Beaxy could serve as a precursor to a potential case against Coinbase
  • How the SEC’s lack of clear regulation is pushing crypto out of America, according to Jason
  • Why the SEC is trying to expand the definition of an exchange and its possible effects on DeFi

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Jason Gottlieb, Partner at Morrison Cohen & Chair of the Digital Assets Department

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