The ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum ignited the frenzied world of NFTs. Yet, as the dust settled, their limitations became apparent. Enter ERC-6551, a new standard designed to overcome these challenges.

Benny Giang and Jayden Windle, cofounder and founding developer of Future Primitive, respectively, delve into the transformative potential of ERC-6551, a standard which allows every NFT to have a smart contract wallet associated with it. They discuss the exciting new possibilities it unlocks in the spheres of gaming, the metaverse, identity, messaging, and more.

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Show highlights:

  • what ERC-6551 is and how the idea was born
  • the differences between NFT token standards
  • the four big categories of applications for this new token standard
  • why Benny thinks that “network playable characters” will solve many of the problems in the digital space
  • how the token-bound accounts work and whether they can interact with existing wallets
  • the security implications of using ERC-6551
  • what Future Primitive does in the web3 space
  • how creators can benefit from this new development
  • whether it’s possible for soulbound tokens to work with token-bound accounts
  • how blue chip NFT collections are using ERC-6551, if at all
  • what could go wrong with token-bound accounts that are combined with AI
  • what new things are being envisioned with this new standard


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