Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of FTX, discusses his views on crypto regulation, macroeconomics, and the role of FTX in a decentralized industry. 

Show highlights:

  • whether the market has already bottomed and the influence of macroeconomics
  • why Sam thinks regulation could have a significant impact on the crypto industry
  • the impact of the Terra collapse, Sam’s thoughts on stablecoins, and the importance of disclaimers
  • what the industry can do to prevent high leverage from crypto companies like Three Arrows Capital
  • how crypto lenders should manage risk in a sustainable way
  • whether the crypto collapses affected the opinion of lawmakers and regulators
  • the topics and proposals that Sam is discussing with regulators and his philosophy on financial regulation
  • what Sam thinks about building a centralized entity in a decentralized space
  • what it would take for FTX to move back to the United States
  • why Sam’s political donations more commonly support Democrats, among which are some prominent critics of crypto
  • whether he makes political donations based solely on candidates’ crypto stances
  • the role of FTX in the TradFi market and whether crypto and TradFi will evolve toward or away from each other
  • concerns about potential conflict of interests between FTX and Alameda Research
  • the impact of the Merge, the value proposition of Ethereum and whether it affects the narrative of Bitcoin as digital gold
  • how FTX is positioning itself in this macroeconomic environment 
  • the type of acquisitions FTX is interested in


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Bailouts and Acquisitions

Stablecoins and Regulation

Donations and Politics

Alameda Research Concerns

Collapse of Crypto Companies

FTX proposal to clear derivatives

Interest in buying Twitter


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