Nikhilesh De, CoinDesk’s managing editor for global policy and regulation, comes to talk about the CFTC lawsuit against Ooki DAO and the potential consequences across the crypto industry. 

Show highlights:

  • the enforcement action against Ooki DAO and the CFTC’s arguments behind it
  • whether bZx’s statements that the DAO would be beyond the reach of regulators made it a target for the CFTC
  • whether the broader implication of these charges could mean that all DeFi is illegal
  • whether the hacks of bZx made it a high-profile target
  • the CFTC Commissioner Summer Mersinger’s dissenting statement and her concerns
  • who the targets of the CFTC enforcement action are
  • the consequences of the lawsuit for token holders and how to determine which token holders are liable
  • why the CFTC chose to post a notice in the Ooki DAO forum and whether that is sufficient notice 
  • what the next steps for DAO members are and whether there will be wide community support

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