Solana has introduced Saga, an Android smartphone focused on web3 applications, aiming to make crypto products and services more accessible. The $1,000 device runs on Android 13 and features a 6.67-inch OLED display with 512 GB storage. It includes a built-in mobile wallet adapter as part of the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) to connect dApps to wallets seamlessly.

While the Saga phone boasts web3 features and a Solana dApp Store, users have reported occasional slow performance and app freezing. The dApp store currently offers a limited selection of applications, with more expected to be added after the phone’s public release in the next two weeks.

Solana’s phone is targeting both crypto-native users and those who are “crypto curious.” Although it faces skepticism about its ability to compete with major tech providers, Solana sees the device as a stepping stone for a larger crypto audience. The phone is certified for sale in 33 countries, with plans for expansion in the future.

I evaluated its performance and features. Here are my discoveries: