Bitcoin Ordinals have exploded in popularity since their launch by developer Casey Rodarmor in January, changing the NFT game with millions of inscriptions to date. But what comes next for Bitcoin-based digital artifacts? Danny Yang and Bill Tai, cofounders of Metagood and creators of NFT collection OnChainMonkey, discuss why they will move OnChainMonkey from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Rodarmor’s proposal to change the Ordinals inscription numbering system, and why they believe more creators should consider moving to Bitcoin.


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Show highlights:

  • How the idea for Metagood came up
  • What is give-to-earn and how it is used to reward OnChainMonkey holders
  • The differences between Ethereum versus Bitcoin when it comes to digital assets
  • The creative potential of Bitcoin Ordinals
  • Why OnChainMonkey will move from Ethereum to Bitcoin
  • Thoughts on Casey Rodarmor’s Bitcoin Ordinals proposal to change the inscription numbering system
  • What are recursive inscriptions
  • How to convince NFT creators to leave other blockchains for Bitcoin

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