What a year. Cobie, crypto investor and host of UpOnly, and Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder Ventures, sift through 2022’s rubble for clues as to what lies ahead in 2023. The two bright lights of Crypto Twitter weigh in on SBF’s fraud, how to succeed through the bear market, and what remains promising despite the gloom and doom.

Show highlights:

    • why 2022 is “the hangover of 2021”
    • why this year’s big meltdowns were different and dispiriting
    • why it was actually a year to remind us of why we’re all here
    • how the underlying protocols didn’t skip a beat
    • how to survive the bear market
    • what Chris feels guilty about in the wake of Alameda’s collapse
    • why Cobie hopes SBF spends life in jail
    • whether people will actually use decentralized alternatives – or if banking-like relationships will prevail
    • what Chris sees as the 2023 version of proof-of-stake in 2017
    • why Cobie thinks bitcoin is an area of opportunity over the next few years
    • whether the multichain thesis (“Solunavax”) will ever rise again
    • whether the contagion is over
    • if disgraced figureheads deserve a second chance
  • a lightning round lookback on 2022

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