Martin Shkreli, entrepreneur and investor, talks about what Sam Bankman-Fried’s potential life in prison could look like. As a former white-collar criminal, Martin had a lot to say about prison culture, how judge selection affects sentencing, and more.

Show highlights:

  • why Martin says that the prosecution part of the case is the most difficult to endure
  • why he thought Sam had “no chance at bail” (although shortly after we recorded, news broke that Sam had been released on what is believed to be the largest bail bond ever – $250 million)
  • whether SBF should plead guilty and hope to be favored by his cooperation
  • what jails in New York are like and how the other inmates might treat SBF 
  • whether SBF will be in danger if he goes to prison and Martin’s suggestions for him if he wants to survive
  • why the FTX’s case is so unprecedented, especially considering the current sentencing guidelines
  • Martin’s take on Ronnie Abrams, the judge in charge of the case, and why her selection will be good for SBF
  • whether Caroline Ellison made a mistake by pleading guilty to so many counts
  • why Gary Wang would likely face a tough time in prison for ratting out SBF

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