Major crypto exchange Coinbase has decided to take action to get an answer from the Securities and Exchange Commission: this week, they filed a court action seeking to compel Gary Gensler’s agency to give specific rulemaking on crypto assets. J.W. Verret, associate professor of law at George Mason Law School, talks about how both parties are playing this game, how it could change the Howey test, and much more.

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Show highlights:

  • whether there’s a long-term chess strategy being played by Coinbase
  • whether the case could actually change the Howey test
  • why the ‘West Virginia vs. EPA’ is important for crypto
  • what the SEC’s strategy is and why the Kraken settlement was an “overreach,” according to J.W.
  • whether the SEC could develop a new framework for crypto assets
  • how the Ripple case will unfold and how long it will take if it is appealed

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J.W. Verret, Associate Professor of Law at George Mason Law School


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