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In this episode of Bits + Bips, hosts James Seyffart, Alex Kruger, and Joe McCann, along with guest Hal Press, founder of North Rock Digital, dive into the intricate challenges of pitching the ETH spot ETF to traditional finance and the Federal Reserve’s anticipated next steps. They discuss why Biden vetoed the repeal of SAB 121, and why that veto lends credence to an alternative theory as to why the SEC approved Ethereum ETFs.

Also, they talk about why the spot ETH ETFs are already turning out to be different from the Bitcoin ETFs, Hong Kong’s (and perhaps China’s?) crypto ambitions, recent U.S. macroeconomic indicators, and whether or not Roaring Kitty’s recent antics with GME stock are illegal—and how he’s impacting memecoins.

Show highlights:

  • Why Biden vetoed the repeal of SAB 121 and whether it was priced in
  • The recent political change around crypto and the surprise Gen Z celebrity who could swing the U.S. presidential election
  • The impact of the Trump conviction on the crypto industry
  • Why ETF issuers were caught off guard with the spot ETH ETF approvals
  • Whether Bitcoin ETF buyers will rotate to Ethereum, and when the products will launch
  • How the ETH ETF will be pitched to TradFi
  • Why Alex thinks ETH/BTC will go up
  • How Hong Kong is trying to become the Wall Street of crypto, according to Joe
  • The recent macroeconomic indicators in the U.S. and their implications for crypto
  • The massive glitches in the NYSE that showed Berkshire Hathaway going down 99%
  • Whether what Roaring Kitty is doing with the GME stock is illegal






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