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A few weeks after its launch, Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER memecoin is still in the spotlight. Host Joe McCann, who recently had dinner with her in New York, gives the inside scoop on how Iggy’s $MOTHER came to be, plus her plans.

Also, Joe says Iggy is so bullish on Solana because it’s fast and cheap… but James Seyffart counters… nothing can be fast, cheap and good. Except ETFs.

Guests Phill Bonello and Kelly Greer delve into the role of venture capital in crypto, and more particularly into dynamics between liquid hedge funds and massive token generation events. And James tells a mind-blowing story about how one ETF and obscure SEC rules could cause whiplash the prices of Apple and Nvidia stock over the next few months.

Plus, after SEC head enforcer David Hirsch resigned from the SEC this week, everyone gave their takes on why. Is Hirsch going to BlackRock, or was he scared about a potential lawsuit?

Show highlights:

  •  The real story behind Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER memecoin and the controversy between Joe and Haseeb Qureshi
  •  Why Iggy is bullish on Solana, and whether MOTHER is a hopeful case for crypto, reflecting the evolving relationship between entertainment and Web3
  •  Whether the market has already topped, given the involvement of celebrities in the industry
  •  Whether VCs are extractive to the overall space and how liquid funds and token unlocks impact the performance of assets
  •  Why venture funds and hedge funds have different approaches to liquid crypto investments, and how memecoins are changing the game for allocators
  •  Why there’s a 0% chance that SOL gets an ETF this year
  •  What the recent macro trends point to, whether inflation going down is sustainable, and whether rate cuts are coming
  •  Why Nvidia’s rapid growth is about to trigger a multi-billion dollar rebalance in tech ETFs, and how both $NVDA’s and $AAPL’s stock prices might soon seesaw
  •  The theories about why the SEC’s chief crypto enforcer David Hirsch resigned from the agency (hint: it might have to do with the election)
  •  Why James believes Ethereum ETFs will launch on July 2 and what amount of inflows the ETH ETFs might garner, esp. considering potential ETHE outflows