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Are Solana ETFs on the brink of approval? How might political outcomes influence this decision?

Join hosts James Seyffart, Alex Kruger, and Joe McCann as they delve into the latest buzz around Solana’s potential spot ETFs, dissect the SEC’s puzzling delay on Ethereum ETFs, and debate why Bitcoin’s recent performance has diverged from the NASDAQ.

They also discuss the U.S. presidential election, the event that Alex says was the “second most bizarre thing” he’s seen in his life, what the bond market seems to indicate about expectations for a Trump presidency, and how upcoming nonfarm payroll reports and potential rate might affect the markets.

Show highlights:

  • How political outcomes might influence the approval of spot Solana ETFs
  • Whether futures ETFs are 100% needed for an approval of spot crypto ETFs
  • The high premium on Grayscale’s Solana Trust (GSOL)
  • How the outcome of the 2024 U.S. presidential election could impact the crypto industry
  • Why the SEC delayed the launch of the Ethereum ETF
  • How the upcoming nonfarm payroll report and potential rate cuts impact market volatility and the Federal Reserve’s decisions
  • How the rise of populist candidates in France and changes in currency markets might affect the US dollar and the broader economic landscape
  • How Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana performed in Q2, and the surprising outperformance of BONK
  • Why Bitcoin’s performance diverged from the Nasdaq’s recent rally
  • How recent movements in long-term bond rates are linked to political changes, such as the rise of right-wing populism and concerns about fiscal responsibility
  • How FTX creditors could potentially influence market dynamics, and the irony in the US government using Coinbase as a custodian