Nick Hansen, cofounder and CEO of Luxor Technologies, talks about the Bitcoin mining industry, why some miners are struggling while others are succeeding, and the next steps for the industry. 

Show highlights:

  • the current state of the Bitcoin mining industry
  • why miners have the lowest margin environment ever
  • why there are so many mining rigs sitting latent
  • how to calculate the profitability of mining cryptocurrency
  • why miners are not moving to other countries for lower energy prices
  • what the impact of a Core Scientific bankruptcy would be
  • whether finance pools to aid struggling miners are helpful
  • why some miners are succeeding in this environment
  • whether Bitcoin miners can adopt renewable resources and help with the transition to green energy 
  • how the mining industry is going to change in the following years

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Troubled miners:

Miners currently weathering the storm:


Green energy:

Finance Pools: