Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, and Udi Wertheimer, a recovering Bitcoin maxi, talk about Bitcoin Maximalism, how Bitcoin is developing, and what’s the future of Bitcoin’s security model. 

Show highlights:

  • What the definition of Bitcoin maximalism is
  • whether BTC maximalism is toxic
  • whether Vitalik Buterin is still a bitcoiner and how Bitcoiners became the ‘token police’, according to Udi
  • why Lyn thinks Bitcoin has been attacked by the media since the beginning
  • the attacks by Bitcoin maximalists on Nic Carter and Andreas Antonopoulos
  • how adoption kicked in during previous cycles and why it benefitted BTC
  • what the different types of Bitcoiners are
  • what developments are being made around Bitcoin
  • the importance of Bitcoin being permissionless
  • what the use cases for Bitcoin are and whether it’s still a highly speculative asset
  • whether people care about using decentralized payment tools
  • how Lyn defines ‘ultra sound money’ and why she thinks that Bitcoin is better at that than ETH
  • whether Bitcoin’s security model needs to be fixed 
  • why being able to run a node is essential for censorship resistance

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