Sterling Crispin, artist and software developer and Holly Herndon, host of the Interdependence podcast, talk about the problems that creators face, some potential solutions, and the debate over creator royalties. 

Show highlights:

  • how Holly and Sterling got into crypto
  • how Holly used the Holly Plus Project to pay royalties
  • how NFTs change the economic experience of being a creator
  • how creators make money and why it is so difficult for most of them
  • whether NFT royalties are necessary for artists
  • why creators are the ones that should decide to charge royalties or not
  • how the enforcement of royalties also occurs in the traditional art world
  • whether NFT royalties only benefit big players vs. smaller creators
  • what shifts could make paying royalties a norm, the way paying for music streaming became a norm over piracy
  • other solutions to helping creators earn from their work besides NFT royalties
  • whether NFT creators should use blocklists
  • whether people objecting to blocklists can be hypocritical about decentralization 
  • whether creators can build their own marketplaces
  • how a profit-sharing model among creators could work

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NFT Royalties

Potential solutions

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