The Genesis bankruptcy is about to take a high-stakes turn with a $630 million payment from  Digital Currency Group (DCG) due by May 11. Barry Silbert’s DCG, the parent company of Genesis, is on the hook for the massive payment, but doubts are swirling as to whether the crypto conglomerate can cover it. Lumida Wealth CEO Ram Ahluwalia joins the show to unpack what could happen to Genesis creditors, Gemini Earn users, and the markets should DCG fail to cover its debt obligations.


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Show highlights:

  • whether DCG will be able to pay its debt to the Genesis bankruptcy estate
  • the ways DCG can “plug the hole”
  • what the likelihood of DCG filing for bankruptcy is
  • how FTX’s intent to claw back $3.9 billion from Genesis would affect DCG
  • whether Gemini Earn customers will be made whole
  • why Ram says that asymmetric information has plagued the bankruptcy process
  • whether the creditors should accept the latest term sheet
  • how the Grayscale lawsuit against the SEC could impact DCG’s cash flow

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