Avid NFT collector Aftab Hossain (aka @iamDCinvestor on Crypto Twitter) discusses why OpenSea and NFT volumes are popping to start 2022, how LooksRare’s vampire attack is a good thing for the NFT market, and how royalties affect a project’s trading potential. Show topics:

  • why Aftab thinks NFT floor prices are rising and what role NFT “flippers” have to do with his theory
  • whether the NFT industry could continue growing even if fungible crypto assets enter a bear market
  • how the LooksRare vampire attack on OpenSea works
  • why people are wash trading NFTs on LooksRare
  • why Aftab would choose to list NFTs on LooksRare over OpenSea
  • whether LooksRare’s vampire attack will force OpenSea to decentralize and/or tokenize
  • what sort of NFT projects should have royalties… and which projects shouldn’t 

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