Kristin Smith, executive director at Blockchain Association, and Jake Chervinsky, head of Policy at Blockchain Association, discuss the current state of crypto regulation. Show topics:

  • why 2021 was a watershed year for crypto regulation and lobbying
  • why Jake decided to move from Compound Labs to Blockchain Association
  • what Kristin and Jake think about the current state of regulation in the crypto industry
  • how crypto education will play a significant role in Blockchain Association efforts going forward
  • how crypto will affect midterm elections
  • why Kristin thinks crypto will not be a partisan issue long term
  • what sort of budget Blockchain Association functions on
  • what Kristin and Jake think about the President’s Working Group report on stablecoins
  • why Jake does not think the US should issue a CBDC
  • what Blockchain Association’s take is on SEC commissioner Hester Peirce’s “safe harbor” proposal
  • why Kristin and Jake believes the idea of a “crypto czar” is not feasible
  • how regulators are treating DeFi going into 2022
  • how crypto tax guidelines could be improved for centralized exchanges
  • how Blockchain Association thinks tax code 6050I should be applied
  • what issues could arise from DAOs in 2022+
  • what listeners can do to address the different regulatory topics discussed in this podcast

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