In October 2022, Elon Musk took over Twitter, now known as X. An exodus of Twitter users followed as a response to the changes in management. Many former Twitter users joined alternate social media networks, including Bluesky, which we highlight in this article.

Read on to learn more about the Bluesky and how it differs from its centralized social media counterparts. 

What Is Bluesky?

Bluesky is a Twitter alternative built on blockchain. Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO, developed the social media platform in 2019.

Dorsey designed this decentralized, text-based social network as a microblogging platform, just like Twitter.

From the onset, Bluesky was to develop under Twitter’s management, which meant the company would fund the project. However, once Musk took over Twitter, the two firms separated.

Bluesky started running as an independent company in 2021. The text-based app soon generated much interest in the backdrop of Twitter’s struggles retaining users and advertisers. People started ardently seeking hard-to-get invites to the rival platform.

By September 2023, Bluesky had acquired one million users (invited via the Bluesky waitlist), mainly individuals unhappy with the new Twitter leadership.

How Does Bluesky Work?

Bluesky’s look and feel are very similar to Twitter’s. To get started on Bluesky, you only need to create a profile, follow other users, and create posts with a maximum of 300 characters. 

With Bluesky, you can filter posts via three feeds: Following, Discover, and Popular With Friends.

Bluesky Social started as an invite-only app, requiring an invite code from a current user to join the Bluesky waitlist. The stringent process helped filter out spammers. It also enabled the platform to grow organically via existing personal networks, building the capacity to support multiple users.

Currently, Bluesky boasts over 3 million users. Since February 2024, the free-to-use social network is open to all.

Bluesky operates on a decentralized network, allowing users to have a level of control over how the platform operates and how it curates and moderates content. 

Because it’s a decentralized social media platform comprising individual servers, Bluesky has no single “owner.” Bluesky communities and servers self-govern the platform, with each server free to create its own content curation and moderation rules. 

Advantages of Bluesky Over Mainstream Social Media

Bluesky Social trumps other mainstream media like X and Instagram in the following aspects:

  • Decentralization: Unlike traditional social media, Bluesky addresses issues like platform monopoly, misinformation, and data control.
  • Great user experience: Bluesky allows users to customize their feeds and choose what content they get exposed to, giving them more autonomy.
  • Transparency: Bluesky uses the AT Protocol, which supports public conversations alongside an open-source model for social app development. This brings transparency into the app’s development and working.
  • Shift accounts between social networks: Bluesky allows you to shift accounts between different social networks without losing followers or content.
  • Custom domains: You can create a custom domain as your handle, adding a personal touch. Users can buy and manage domains through the app, elevating the user experience.

How to Sign Up to Bluesky

Below are the steps to take to sign up on Bluesky.

    1. Create your account. Go to the website,, and click the Create a new account button. Download and install the Bluesky app from the App Store or Google Play if using a mobile device.
    2. Add your email address. Type in your email address, create a password, and enter your date of birth. 
    3. Phone number: Key in your country and phone number. You’ll receive a text on your mobile to verify your account. Next, click on the button to request a code. 
    4. Enter your code: Type in the code received on your phone. 
    5. Set up user handle: Create a user handle that looks something like this:
    6. Edit your profile: Your account is now set up. You can edit it by changing your profile picture or updating the bio or display name if necessary. Save any changes.
    7. Customize your feed: This is where you choose your interests, enabling Bluesky to direct you toward accounts you may be interested in following. Next, start curating your feed by discovering and following accounts. Additionally, you can customize your feed to show the type of accounts you want to see.
    8. Start posting: Scroll to the bottom of your home screen, click on ‘New Post, and create your first post. A standard post contains 300 characters, emojis and links included.


The goal behind Bluesky was to launch a decentralized standard for social media platforms. Consequently, the online platform gives users complete control and ownership of user data.

If you’re looking for a Twitter alternative, Bluesky could be it.

Whether it will become a success or not remains to be seen. That will come down to its ability to entice enough social media users away from the likes of X and other centralized social media networks to gain the critical mass to take off.