Decentralized social media network Lens Protocol has unveiled a V2 upgrade on the Polygon mainnet, Aave Companies, which is behind the initiative, announced in a press release Monday.

First introduced in July, the V2 will allow developers to create richer, user experiences through a number of new features and to more easily monetize their work.

“The goal of V1 was to bootstrap early web3 social networks, resulting in creativity, experimentation and new discovery tools that benefited the Lens ecosystem,” Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Lens Protocol, said in the announcement.

V2 comes as a number of blockchain companies look to improve upon Web 2.0 experiences generated by traditional, centralized companies, including X (formerly known as Twitter). Web3 projects are supposed to offer developers more independence and privacy. Aave Companies is a software technology provider and creator of the Aave lending protocol.

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Kulechov said that V2 will move toward  “a more modular Lens design, “providing social primitives [fundamental elements in programming language] to give builders greater autonomy and flexibility to integrate web3 social, propelling the next wave of innovation.”

Developers can integrate the primitives into any application or website, Aave said in the announcement.

Among the new features, the upgrade includes profile managers that can be administered by “one or more persons, multisigs, and DAOs,” and will enhance user security by allowing users “to store their handle on a cold wallet while using their day-to-day wallet to use Lens.”

“The launch of Lens V2 (still in beta) empowers builders to participate in an open, decentralized and collaborative ecosystem,” Aave said.