In this weekly recap, we cover:

  • Martin Shkreli Admits to Creating DJT Token: Martin Shkreli confesses to co-creating the Trump-themed DJT memecoin with Barron Trump after initial denial.
  • CFTC Investigates Jump Crypto: The CFTC investigates Jump Crypto’s trading activities amid increasing regulatory scrutiny.
  • SEC Concludes Ethereum 2.0 Investigation: The SEC closes its investigation into Ethereum 2.0, marking a significant win for Ethereum.
  • Kraken Accuses CertiK of Extortion: Kraken accuses CertiK of extortion over a $3 million bug exploit, sparking a public dispute.
  • Nasdaq Files Combined BTC/ETH ETF: Nasdaq files for a combined Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF, offering diversified exposure.
  • New Social Platform Time.Fun Launched: Time.Fun, a new social platform on Base, captivates the crypto community with over $1 million in trading volume.
  • Ethena Mandates Locking of ENA Tokens: Ethena requires recipients of its ENA airdrop to lock up 50% of their tokens, sparking backlash.
  • ZkSync Airdrop Trades Below Expectations: ZkSync’s airdrop sees significant sell-offs, with the token trading below expectations.
  • SEC Opposes Ripple’s Effort to Reduce Fine: The SEC opposes Ripple’s attempt to lower its proposed $2 billion fine for selling XRP.