In this weekly recap, we cover:

  • Coinbase vs. SEC: A Manhattan court lets the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase proceed, despite some claims being dismissed. Meanwhile, Coinbase plans to expand its USDC on Base.
  • Munchables’ Swift Recovery: Munchables retrieves $62 million in ETH after a security breach, showcasing its strong security framework.
  • Tornado Cash Developer’s Trial: Dutch prosecutors seek a 64-month jail term for Alexey Pertsev over $1.2 billion laundering charges.
  • Binance’s Nigerian Drama: Amid tax evasion charges, a Binance executive escapes custody in Nigeria, spotlighting the exchange’s legal challenges.
  • KuCoin Faces Dual Allegations: The CFTC and DOJ accuse KuCoin of illegal operations and anti-money laundering violations, marking increased regulatory scrutiny.
  • BlackRock Keeps Ethereum ETF Hopes: Despite regulatory challenges, BlackRock’s CEO is optimistic about Ethereum ETFs’ future.
  • Ripple’s Potential SEC Fine: The SEC proposes a nearly $2 billion fine against Ripple Labs, intensifying the debate over unregistered securities sales.