In this weekly recap, we cover:

  • Binance’s Allegation Management: Amidst controversy, Binance maintains its relationship with a high-value client accused of market manipulation.
  • Ethereum’s EIP-7702 Momentum: Ethereum’s latest improvement proposal, EIP-7702, is set for inclusion in the Pectra upgrade, aiming to enhance security and user experience by transforming EOAs into temporary smart contract wallets.
  • Robinhood’s SEC Challenge: Robinhood Crypto receives a Wells Notice from the SEC, signaling potential legal battles over the classification of crypto tokens as securities.
  • Grayscale’s ETF Withdrawal: Grayscale unexpectedly withdraws its application for an Ethereum Futures Trust ETF.
  • and’s DeFi Ascension: These platforms rapidly climb the DeFi rankings by leveraging innovative trading and engagement strategies with crypto personalities.
  • Ethena and Bybit’s Strategic Partnership: Ethena and Bybit collaborate to boost USDe.
  • Airdrop Market Challenges: The significant drop in Mode’s token value post-airdrop exemplifies growing skepticism about the effectiveness of airdrops in the crypto market.