This week, we cover:

  1. Claims of Binance’s alleged commingling of customer funds, triggering worries about the crypto firm’s financial practices.
  2. FTX’s potential revival, fueled by court filings and Tribe Capital’s possible $250 million fundraiser.
  3. Ledger’s decision to postpone its controversial Recover service, amidst backlash from the crypto community.
  4. Coinbase’s legal battle with the SEC for regulatory clarity on digital assets.
  5. Troubles at BlockFi with its premature statements about a reorganization plan stirring controversy.
  6. Digital Currency Group’s missed $630 million payment, raising fears of a default.
  7. Terraform Labs cofounder Do Kwon’s unsuccessful bail attempt in Montenegro amidst global extradition requests.
  8. Tornado Cash’s governance turmoil after an attacker gained control of its governance votes.
  9. The winning bid by crypto consortium Fahrenheit in the bankruptcy auction for Celsius Network.
  10. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s support for Bitcoin, as he announced his presidential candidacy.
  11. Revelations about Bitfinex’s “systematic failures” leading to the 2016 hack, according to a confidential report.
  12. Multichain’s recent upheaval due to rumored arrests and subsequent withdrawal of funds by several crypto entities.
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