Despite the doom and gloom, Placeholder VC partners Chris Burniske and Joel Monegro are highly bullish on the present moment. “We’re all going to look back on this period and remember it as fondly as we remember ‘18 and ‘19,” Monegro tells Laura Shin. The two long-term investors explain why the confluence of macroeconomic factors and crypto-native (and AI) innovations make this the ideal time to invest in a Web3 future. They cut their teeth on Bitcoin, they grew up with Ethereum; hear what they think is next.

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Show highlights:

  • why Chris says crypto’s four-year cycle will likely play out once again
  • the role of interest rates in asset valuation
  • whether the crypto industry has learned its lessons from the “crypto carnage” of 2022
  • whether there’s a future for KYC’d DeFi
  • when failing in crypto should be considered a crime, as in the Do Kwon case
  • what could happen with the rate hikes and how the macroeconomic environment affects the markets
  • how the ruling in the Ripple case impacts the development of new crypto companies and user adoption
  • whether Joel felt relieved by the ruling, considering Placeholder has invested in many tokens that were named as securities by the SEC
  • what Joel thinks of the new crypto bill in Congress and how he wishes that smart contracts were used to self-regulate the industry
  • what Joel and Chris think of the delicate situations of crypto giants such as Binance and DCG
  • whether the fat protocol thesis still holds up and whether it colors Placeholder’s current investment thesis
  • why most of the Layer 1s will become rollups, according to Chris
  • why Chris is bullish on Solana, despite the massive collapse in value following the FTX debacle
  • how NFTs will play a significant role in “establishing the provenance of content”
  • whether AI agents will become crypto power users

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